When your credit is bad, things can get real tricky as far as borrowing is concerned. However, we have put together a personal loan that is flexible enough to help people with bad credit. We are a top licensed money lender in Singapore and our interest rates are very attractive. We have plenty of experience in the lending industry, which makes us a one-stop-shop for a myriad of financial services.

Regardless of your financial emergency, we provide excellent personal loans to borrowers who are salaried. You can apply for a short term loan using our easy online loan application and we will check it out on the same day. We have fully trained our executives to walk you through the terms of the loan and to help make improvements to your current financial situation. After you have repaid the loan, your credit rating will reflect the repayment that will make it easier to access even more funding in the future.

If your credit profile is bad and you have had a difficult time accessing credit, simply put in a non-obligation personal loan application and we will be able to quickly process your request.

We acknowledge that a financial emergency can occur at any time. It is therefore important that you have a financial partner that you can rely on. With poor credit, you cannot rely on your bank in a financial emergency. If you have already tried to do so, chances are that you have been turned away already.